Friday, March 27, 2015

Time 2015, March 27th: Where I am (was)

First, though, a bit of history.  I will be brief.

April 27th, 1987: I'm born.

Age too young to read: my mother slaves away teaching me to read.

Age sometime thereafter: My grandmother hands me R.L. Stine's Eye of the Fortuneteller. My fate is sealed.  I am a reader and go forth to devour of everything I can get my hands on.  The library becomes my second home.

Age 14: After playing the video game, then seeing the movie, I read Dune by Frank Herbert and get the idea that maybe I'd like to write a book.  Next comes a good eight years or so of kicking the idea around of writing the terrible book known as A Lack of Planning, which was so aptly named.

August of 2010, I get the idea for the World of Myth series.  I've already written one terrible book, why not give another one a shot?  Maybe I'll be better writing fantasy.  I write, I conjure so reviews, find that yes - I finally wrote something worth the time it takes to read it.  Success!

Beginning of 2015, I finish the 6th book in the World of Myth series.  I've conjured many more reviews since then, even made a few hundred bucks, but I'm still craving more.  I've realized what should have always been obvious: if I wish to compete in the professional market, I must offer professional material.

That means an editor.  That means Patricia Hamill.  Oh, and that means waiting.  Lots and lots of waiting.

See, the thing is, since I so graciously decided to write all six of my books before getting any of them edited beyond a light read-through, I now have to wait for all six books to be edited before I can start pushing them on others (I did that before, pushing them when they were unedited.  Bad idea, would not recommend).  I must sit on my hands, trying to whistle (not easy at all, since I haven't learned to whistle yet), and waiting patiently for my good editor to take the time needed to make my work shine.  I am very grateful to her, thankful, and I would never dare utter the word "hurry!" because that would be stupid, insensitive, and against better judgement.  What if she did hurry and missed something due to being rushed?  Then I'd be the driven fool I claim to be and worse off for it.

So here I am, this morning of March 27th, 2015, waiting, and here I will be waiting for (likely) at least another year.  Le sigh.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

In the beginning . . .

. . . I got bored.

For the longest time, I've been avoiding creating a blog. I've toyed with the idea (who hasn't?) for several years but always thought the entire concept too vain for my tastes.  I strive to be an interesting person yet always think myself uninteresting. The idea that I have anything worthy to say, or that anyone would care to hear it, seems a fantasy to me. The last time I was extremely vocal about my opinions was in college, and I alienated enough people to confirm the subtle voice in the back of my head telling me that I'm a person others hate by default.

Yet here I am, writing a blog. What gives?

Essentially, the long and short of it is that I'm bored and tired of beating myself in the face wondering what baring the opinions of others will hold over my life. I've written six books now (eight if you include the two non-series books I discontinued because they never should have been published in the first place!), been downloaded several thousand times, received criticism both good and bad, actually changed some opinions of bad into good. Hell, I've got nothing to worry about. It's not for me to judge whether I'm worthy of your time or not. It's your time, your decision, and if you want to spend it here, wondering who I am and what I'm doing, then I'll be damned if I don't give you something in return!

Oh, yeah, and I'm bored.

Remember that vanity I mentioned? Like any good human, I try to keep that vice in check, and one of the ways I do that is I try desperately not to bring up my books and writing with anyone. It's come to my attention, though, that maybe one day someone or some many someones would like to know about my books, my writing, and what's going through my mind. On some level, I dare to even hope.

So this is blog 1, and I'll be back.