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Movie Review: Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

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So I was one of the billions of people who watched or will watch this movie. My particular time was Monday at 2:45pm, May 25th 2015. I have to say I was exactly excited to see this movie; I just went like any good sheeple would, feeling the weight of the world bearing down on you that you must go and see this thing because, well by Odin, everyone is!

I should have been excited. I have a minor interest and knowledge into the background of these characters, but I honestly had nothing more than a shallow desire to watch Age of Ultron. Overall, I thought the movie was actually really good, but the problem was that I felt like I'd seen it all before. I wasn't actually shocked at anything in particular or overly stimulated or felt particularly vested. I felt like I was sitting in a different seat of a familiar roller coaster that had long since stopped being a thrill-seeker for me.

The characters didn't really evolve or change much, but nor were they left shallow or untouched. The characters acted along their tried and true strong points, doing as one would expect (and some would say demand) to see. Captain America the good guy, the Hulk the monster, and then Tony the dramatic. Now, don't get me wrong; these guys did their parts well and they get full marks for truly bringing these characters to life, but at that particular moment I was not craving to see the same old thing no matter how well done it was.

The best and biggest positive points for the movie go to the love interest between Black Widow and the Hulk, followed quickly by the witty Ultron.

Love scenes and romantic conflict are hard to do right. I'm an honest believer in that because love is awkward, especially new love. Two people walk on egg shells near each other as they try desperately to close the gap between them and yet hold back for one reason or another. It's usually painful to watch (hence why we all hate PDA unless it's an old marry couple who got their shit down) and thus watching it is usually awkward and cringe-y, too. However, Hulk and Black Widow made their awkward dance fun to watch instead of painful. They were honest, like adults should be, and let their emotions express true through body language as well as words. Also, this was one of the very few areas where character change and development occurred over this movie, and thus I soaked it up at every opportunity.

Point 2: No movie is can be called good with a great villain. Ultron, although not particularly threatening, was interesting to watch. He was witty, like his creator, and had a very human touch to his AI. Most of us expect robots, even "self-aware" ones to lack a personality. They should all be plain, dry, and monotone. However, as I suddenly remembered while watching Ultron, if something is truly an AI, then it should be unique by some degree. It should be able to learn and apply things on its own, thus coming to a different conclusion than another AI given the same data. It should have a personality.

Ultron follows in the footsteps of all the great AI's before him. Cortona from Halo and EDI from Mass Effect, Ultron had humor as well as goals, and I liked him a lot. I almost wanted to see him succeed!

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