Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The character Lemniscus Domniscus Demetrius the VIII

Every gamer has a common gamer tag they go by. This is the name they choose for their profile, their default one that they use for a login and also as a character name. It should be unique enough not to be taken yet easy enough to remember. If you have to vary the spelling, it should be in one of three ways so that you never have to try more than a couple times to get the name you want.

Some people choose their own names for their gamer tags, adding their birth year on to the end to make sure it's unique and yet memorable to them. Rob_Bob87 or TomasMW_95 come to mind. Some people take it a step further and come up with a completely new name that has some contrived meaning to only them. Annverable or Vorkazo are examples of this. Some people, such as myself, take things even one step further and create a unique character with a specific personality that has his or her own interests and play styles that vary from game to game, bringing along a whole personalty as if every single game were a role playing experience.

This is the story of one such character, my character - Lemniscus Domniscus Demetrius the VIII

First I will tell you a bit about this character and how he came to be, and then I'll get into the gritty parts of his personality. Lemniscus Domniscus Demetrius the VIII translates roughly into The Eternal Lord of the Earth. He tries not to be smug about it and routinely goes by Lemniscus or Lem for short. His closest friend teases him by calling him Lemon. Whatever, insults are simply a fun battle of wits for him.

He started out as my first not-my-own-name gamer tag, and his name was Spike then. Spike was a nickname I received from a Boy Scout leader for spiking my hair in the 7th grade. I'd never done anything with my hair until then, so he meant to tease me, but I liked the name and decided to use it. When the internet came about and "Spike" wasn't always available, I added "Accost" on the end because I didn't know that was a real word and oh well, shit happens.

Enter Spikeaccost, who becomes my mage on the Emerald Dream server of World of Warcraft. My first mage character on my first MMO. It was over those many, many years of playing WoW that Lemniscus developed his current personality and became detached from myself altogether. When my friends and I started playing D&D, I decided Spikeaccost needed a new name, and I went hunting for latin roots of words until I came up with Lemniscus Dominiscus Demetrius the VIII, which is a long flashy name that fits his style. The VIII part is crucial because I've always been partial to the infinity symbol, you see.

Yeah, I'm one of those guys.

Lemniscus is always young, just entering the early stages of adulthood. He is born to privilege, being a noble and/or wealthy class member's son. He is extremely talented and driven, and also uses some form of magic. The magic part is a must, and it must be a basic part of who he is. If a game does not allow for magic use, then Lemniscus is not a part of that universe. He was not only born gifted, but is also well-learned and studied, making him a shockingly competent and confident opponent to face. He is not physically strong, but neither is he weak. He's not particularly tall nor is he short. He's rarely full human, but normally a half-breed of some kind.

Lemniscus is the embodiment of my ideal ambition and intellect. He is the pinnacle of what I strive to be in those areas, knowing what he does know but also knowing what he does not know. If he is ignorant in some area, he does not gamble nor think he is an expert when he's not. He's cold, calculated, and focused. He is a No Nonsense Nemesis, willing to crush in an instant those who oppose him mercilessly, fully, and without pity. This does not mean he is above diplomacy though. On the contrary, Lemniscus is quite the charismatic character and believes that defeating an opponent through words alone to be the greatest victory one can achieve. He is fond of being underestimated, preferring to let his opponents think he is weaker than he is so that their defeat is more satisfying.

Lemniscus is my Magnificent Bastard.

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