Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hike to Cloud's Rest

So, yesterday, Ken and I hiked to the top of Cloud's Rest in Yosemite National Park. Per the info on Yosemite Hikes website, that was a 14.5 Mile (23.3 km) round trip in distance and an elevation gain of 1776 feet (#freedom?). It wasn't exactly a strenuous hike, just long with a slight acrophobia test at the end. Not much to look at along the way, either, but the view from the top was excellent.

Here's a short slide show of the trip. Pardon the picture quality. All were taken with my (free) cellphone.

Firstly, you have to know where we were headed. Because we took off at 3am to get to the trailhead at sunrise, I didn't actually snap this picture until we were on the ride back. This is a picture of the ridge we hiked to. It's the one in the center left, at the very top:

Like I said, we took off at 3am to get to trailhead at sunrise and ensure a parking spot. We hit the trail while there was still frost on the grass and the mosquitoes were sleeping. Neither lasted long. We didn't mind, though. This hike was all about the destination, but there were still some cool sites along the way. There was a huge fire in California last year, and some of that devastation was still apparent as we hiked along. We came across a burn-out tree that looked like a set piece for some horror flick and also saw from the top the stark difference in trees from where the fire was stopped.

Just before the top, we got to cross the ridge of acrophobia I'd mentioned. It was certainly narrow, but my fear of heights had been purged a year ago when I decided to pay someone money to throw me out of a perfectly good airplane over Oahu. Here's a look back at that ridge. Remember to take into account we're near 10,000 feet in elevation:

I wasn't happy with that though. Just to test myself further, I went and dangled my feet on the side of the ledge. Not a single tingling sensation. I do believe I'm cured.

Here's our grand picture from the top, looking down on Half Dome and the rest of the valley:

And of course, as promised, the first person to fall asleep got their picture taken. Ha!:

Overall, good hike but I wouldn't do it again unless I was bringing someone who hadn't been before. View from the top was amazing, but I didn't get that real since of accomplishment I felt when I crested Half Dome. Not sure why, but I'm on to other challenges now, looking to climb all over Yosemite and whatever else I can!

Then again, maybe I would do this hike again but instead start from the Valley floor. That's a 20 mile, hike, that is . . .

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  1. Awesome Post and very informative on someone who has never hike to Cloud's rest.