Thursday, June 18, 2015

Looks like we're headed to Europe!

So my wife and I love to travel. We have a particular desire to travel to places we've never been before, make some memories alongside a little video montage of the event paired along with whatever popular song we feel fits our mood at the time. This is a somewhat new thing, as we've only recently become financially stable enough to truly peruse this passion of ours, but hey, whatever. Better late than never.

And hell, we're not even late. We're in our late twenties!

Long story short, we had planned to travel to Europe next year but after planning out what we'd liked to do, we realized we could actually afford to do it this year! So we're packing our bags and headed out. Here's our itinerary or at least the places we intend to visit!

First stop - Paris!

This was at the top of my wife's list, and also just so happened to be the top (northerly) place of our travel path. We'll be starting our trip off with a bang in this lovely city, all within walking distance of the lovely sights. We'll obviously be hitting the big touristy spots here, seeing the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, and Arc de Triomphe. I hear the wine is cheaper than water here, so you know, I'm all about saving money . . .

Stop 2 - Munich

Gotta have something to wash all the wine down with. Might as well be beer! Hello Oktoberfest 2015!

Stop 3 - Fussen to check out the scenes and castles!

Who doesn't love an old castle, right? Well, being from America, I haven't exactly seen one yet, so this was a definite stop along our trip. I'd like to one day see an old, old castle, but the Neuschwanstein Castle will do for now! If you didn't know, this is the castle the Disneyland one is based off of. One look at this place and my wife said, "There! That one!" I know just what my wife likes . . .

After a long, night train ride, we'll be stopping in Venice next.

Don't worry, we've been warned about the crowds. That's why I think this place will be more enjoyable for us in the evening, but still, the trip just didn't seem complete without it. We'll be spending a few days here, getting off our feet and taking in the sights while enjoying many beautiful sunsets. Also recovering from the cumulative hangovers, probably.

Back on our feet! Florence is up next!

Just a part day here, which truly will not be enough. Still, though, we'll take what we can get. We may return here another trip in the future, but we'll enjoy what we can while we have the time for it now! I here the art in this place is astounding. Will keep you informed.

Pisa, just a touch . . .

Yet another city that won't get the love and attention it deserves. You know what Europe's problem is? Too much history per square kilometer! Still, we'll hit the highlights, snap our pictures, and splash in to see what all the fuss is about!

The beautiful Cinque Terre makes its appearance!

This place you don't see advertised as often as the rest. It lacks a major statue or old church that everyone seems to go crazy for. However, as you can see, this place has the landscape and the setting! Two things my wife and I love! Can't wait to visit these five (seven?) little towns and take a dip in their blue waters, hike among their many trails. I'll certainly need the break from city life by the time we get here.

Last but not least, quite possibly the best - Rome

This is my contribution. I told my wife if we're headed to Europe, then our vacation will include Rome. She had no objections, of course. I'm fascinated with Roman history, cultural, and well, pretty much everything else about the ancient civilization. There's a reason this is our last stop because I'm pretty certain that after seeing this place, nothing else will compare.

Needless to say, I'm stoked.

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