Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Where I was at on June 3rd of 2015

I'd completed the writing of the World of Myth series novels 1 through 6. Book 1, Beyond the Plains, had both the editing and the cover completed and was set in stone. Book 2 had its cover complete and the editing was underway. I, meanwhile, had my eye toward the future.

See, I realized when I finished Book #6, A Legend Ascends, I could easily (well, maybe not easily) write another 12 books in this series. I had intended on stopping there, but now I look at the story and it seems incomplete to me. I left the story off with so much more to tell, and I am eager to get underway! However, there's a few issues.

One is the money:

Editing and drawing covers takes money. Sure, I have a steady job and I could easily pay for these services, but it just doesn't make any logical sense at this moment. I haven't started selling any of my first 6 books, and so I don't yet know if any will buy these first 6 books or any of the books I'll write that come after! As much as I enjoy this whole writing thing, I don't want to wrack up debt doing it. If editing and covers were only a hundred bucks or so, then yeah, sure, I'd go for it, but that's not the case. Editing and cover work is a $1000 altogether, so that's a lot to blow on 12 more books when I'm already going to do 6!

Solution: I can write these next 12 books, sure, but I won't pay for them to be edited or have covers done until I make enough money selling the first 6 books to pay for themselves.

Two is the time:

Theoretically, at a rough 100k word-count per book, I could pump out 1 book every 3 months at writing 2k words per day on my first draft. . . theoretically. In truth, however, that's a hard number to stick to and the quality of my writing is going to suffer if I do that. It'd probably be for the best though, in all honesty. If people feel so inclined to read my first 6 books, then want more, they probably love my work and won't notice a dip in quality if that means they get their books sooner.

Solution: do it. Write 2k words per day and pump out these books like they're nothing. I already know how they're supposed to go, I just have to write them. Besides, they might not even be published if the first 6 never sell! I can always go back and polish these bad boys up another time.

So yeah, here I am, writing writing writing like it's going out of style.

Possibly because it is.

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