Thursday, January 21, 2016

Book Release - World of Myth V: Juatwa

Today, I'm letting the world know that my 5th book, Juatwa, is available for purchase!

As usual, the editing was done by Patricia Hamill, who always does an amazing job. After working through 4 previous books together, she's really gotten to know my style (and perhaps I'm getting to know hers as well?) and the changes she suggests I almost always accept without hesitation. She's an author, too, you see and actually has a new book being released this February called Avalee and the Dragon.

The cover was done by Jack Baker, skilled artist and master interpreter of my sparse descriptions of "look & feel." His Reaping Death Orca drawing recently hit the frontpage of r/art, and also, he's a timely, prompt fellow who showed me I have a lot to learn about professionalism. My only regret in working with him is that I will one day run out of things for him to draw.

As for the book itself, here's the blurb -

The time has come for Emily to make good on her promise of vengeance—a promise made not only to herself, but to the angels of Lucifan. After chasing Heliena the world over, Emily finally has her cornered, but with nowhere left to run, Heliena won’t be so easy to defeat.

In Juatwa, a place of never-ending war waged on a massive scale, Emily must fight her way through deadly creatures, ninja assassins, and not one, but three armies, all for the slim chance at defeating her nemesis, once and for all.

But Emily has an ally on her side whose skills rival her own. With his help, a bit of determination, and perhaps some luck, they might just win the day.

I won't say much else to avoid spoilers, but I would like to state that this was the book I looked forward to writing when I started this series. So much foreshadowing and work went into the first four books to set everything up for this one, and I'm glad that all my beta-readers enjoyed this book immensely. One has even said that this book that made him want to read another five more.

So without further ado, the links! (US): Formats are Parper & Kindle
Smashwords: All electronic formats
Createspace: Paper format only (and also where I receive my largest royalties from)
Barnes & Noble - Nook

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I hope you enjoy my work!

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