Friday, February 19, 2016

Movie Review: Deadpool

So you've probably heard by now that Deadpool kicked ass in theaters, and you might be wondering if you should go see what all the hype is about. Well, here's a completely unaccredited, spoiler-free, short and lacking-details review from someone who really doesn't know a whole hell of a lot about movies, or much else for that matter.

Deadpool was freaking awesome! And by awesome, I mean hilarious.

The character of Deadpool prior to this live adaptation has been known as the "Merc with a mouth," or basically he's does Riddick-type work where he's a bad guy who hunts down other bad guys, but with the added twist of having a dark and sarcastic sense of humor, with the humor taking the forefront and dirty work coming in as a close second.

During this live adaption, Ryan Reynolds so solidified and nailed the description above that I can't imagine anyone else playing this character. This movie was hilarious, adult entertainment, mixed in with wicked action, spot-on acting, a rather decent plot-line, and some well written storytelling. And damn, references galore! I think The Stand has fewer Easter Eggs than this movie, and I absolutely loved it.

I really can't say much more without ruining everything, but suffice to say that if you consider yourself an easy-going sort of person that doesn't mind some dirty yet witty and clever humor, you'll love this movie.

And it was so good seeing Morena Baccarin again. I almost think her being cast was another easter egg in itself. Something about Deadpool wanting to be Captain Deadpool and her being cast as a prostitute . . . perhaps I'm going too deep now.

Ha! Get it? Too deep? Eh? No? Ah whatever, I thought it was funny.

And yes, I'll be seeing Deadpool 2.

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