Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

In short, I made it 36% in and I just don't care for it. I'm not going to do a huge long post tearing this one apart, though, because I have more than a few friends and family who did enjoy this book, and those are primarily the people who read my blog.

I'll just be brief and say that this book is, indeed, raw unapologetic mommy-porn fantasy. Grey's only feature seems to be he's good-looking (stated every page) and rich (noted every other paragraph), and he's a massive jerk by subjecting Ana to the same "abuse" (Ana's words, not mine) that he was subjected to when he lost his virginity. Ana speaks, talks, and acts like a mid-40's-woman who married and had children too young, now transported back in time to before she lost her virginity. The sex is unrealistic, yet also the only thing described in any sort of detail, leaving the narrative hopelessly skin deep. Grey is supposed to be this dominate, confident guy and yet the first 3 sex scenes are all about Grey pleasuring Ana specifically, with her only returning the favor on her own whim without any commands from him. Essentially, zero character dimensions.

I'm pretty sure the "love" for this novel is really just from a bunch of women who hadn't read any erotica for women before, then spread the word like wildfire, and a bunch other people bought into the hype. My advice? Read some other erotica. Though even if you do, you'll always look back on this novel with rose-colored glasses because it was your first time.

But that's enough. I've already spent too long talking about this. I'm going to try yet another romance. I just can't believe I've been secretly right all this time. There must be some good romance out there with real characters who fall in love and make me feel it. There has to be! I'm going to try a lesser known book next, then maybe a Nicholas Sparks book. Perhaps his popularity is more deserved.

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