Monday, June 20, 2016

Me Before You

I actually saw this movie about a week ago, but I've kind of been mulling around what to write in my review of it. After some light consideration, I've decided to give it the full 10/10.

And here's why.

So basically, this movie isn't my thing, and I fully knew that going into it. This is a romance movie about a charming young girl giving care to a handicapped rich yet disillusioned man. The themes lean strongly towards the sad-romance as opposed to comedy-romance, so I attempted to judge the movie from what it set out to do instead of whether or not I actually hung on the edge of my seat.

I'll just come out and say it that the main character, Lou Clark played by Emilia Clarke, absolutely 100% without-a-doubt MADE this movie work. Both from a writing perspective and acting perspective, Luo and Emilia are put front and center and made to carry the entire brunt of this movie's charm, and both nail it so well that they are fully responsible for the 10/10 rating I'm giving it.

The character Luo is ridiculously endearing. She's nothing but a gigantic ball of love, fun, and human emotion and empathy that one would have to literally hate life itself to not fall in love with her. This is a good thing as her opposite, Will Traynor, actually does hate his own life, so the task Luo has been set to do seems quite impossible to achieve for anyone but her. And Emilia Clarke! Damn, girl, like seriously. She was so good in this movie. She was given this role to play of this adorable human being that no one in their right mind could ever hate, and she freaking did it! My respect for her as an actress increased tenfold just watching her amazing work bringing this entire movie to life, and also the vast majority of the movie theater to tears.

Other great things about this movie is its ability to avoid making the cheesiness . . . well, cheesy. Luo/Emilia managed to make none of the cheesy parts cringe-worthy, and also the writing of the movie managed to avoid any terrible drops in logic or reason by any of the main or side characters. It's like all the terrible cliches that normally plague these types of movies decided to sit this one out in favor of just watching the romance between the two main characters unfold.

So yeah, 10/10, and it's well worth watching.

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