Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Book Review: Pride and Prejudice

I think this book was worth rating 5 stars.

Although I wasn't exactly enamored during my reads, I feel that was due to my lukewarm interest in the romance genre in general. Honestly, I can see why this novel's status as a timeless classic is well deserved.

Pride and Prejudice has a lot going for it. Lively and witty language; a diverse cast of characters that range from sassy and smart to lovable but dimwitted to annoying yet crafty with plenty in between; a fiery romance rife with tension and constant ups and downs; not to mention a few twists and turns on occasion, though I saw all the "big ones" coming a mile away; and to top it all off, countless side-stories that were interesting enough all on their own yet complemented the main story at the same time. One thing is for sure, I'm impressed by Austen's plot weaving skills and will never doubt the legitimacy of her legacy. She's an amazing writer.

So, in short, I'm happy to report I've finally found a romance book I actually liked. Hell, I might even be tempted to try another.

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